Modern Office Chairs and Standing Desks

We spend most of our lives at the office and it’s mostly spent sitting in a chair. With that in mind the office chairs that we choose need to be comfortable and they need to do as much as they can to help improve our posture. We are actually big believers in not spending much time sitting when you are at work and if you can incorporate standing and moving around as much as you can in your working day then you are in a much better position.

The Standing Desk

Standing at work not only helps to eliminate problems you may have with your back and soreness from sitting all day, it is much healthier for you and gives you more energy (once you are used to it) throughout the day. Our bodies weren’t designed to sit all day and it opens up potential for chronic illnesses – however, it’s important not to overdo it – especially not at first. We don’t recommend standing all day as that can take its toll on your body, but we would recommend incorporating periods of standing into your working day.

standing desk

The Office Chair

Make sure you choose something you can adjust but that gives you enough support in the areas you need it for example – lumber support is important and helps to keep your back straight and good posture. Arms on your office chair can be a help to some and a hindrance to others so make sure you know which you would prefer when you choose your office chair. If the arms aren’t adjustable they can sometimes restrict movement and make you sit with your arms raised slightly in an unnatural position and if they are too wide apart but you like the support, then you will end up leaning one way or the other.

modern office furniture

Make sure you can comfortably adjust the chair to place both feet firmly on the ground to help keep you in an upright position and prevent slumping. Ideally see if you can test out a few chairs before you buy to make sure you are buying one that will last and one that will keep you comfortable for all the hours of the day that you need it.