7 Style Tips to Achieve a Modern Living Room

Looking to bring your living room up to date? Modern living room furniture is a good place to start – but┬ákeep it stylish! These are our top tips on how to style your living room modern.

The colour of your furniture can have a big impact on how cluttered or how eclectic your living room can look. Go for neutral colours – white if you can to keep it really clean, modern and uncluttered looking. Avoid noisy patterns if you want to avoid it looking busy. Remember loud statement patterns can tire quickly when you are looking at them every day so make sure you go for decor you won’t get bored of easily and you can look at every day.


  1. Use a bright accent colour against a cool white or neutral base, clean lines and plain background.
  2. Don’t furnish the room with thick heavy drapes or heavy furniture that will make it look closed in, dark or cluttered, go for sheer fabrics for curtains, use light furniture pieces that you can surround with light and airyness and avoid dark patterned wall to wall carpeting.
  3. If you are going to make a statement go neutral with everything else and then pick one focal room of the room and really go for it with a statement. You could use a statement colourful rug or a large statement piece of furniture surrounded by space and very little else to really make it stand out.
  4. Pay attention to textures. Try not to use too many textures – if you mix and match – keep them plain and unobtrusive.
  5. Go for open space where you can and if there is an option to open out rooms by removing temporary dividing walls – do it! Make your kitchen and living room open plan and really create a feeling of open space.
  6. Make the most of natural light and emphasise it where you can – don’t block it with large pieces of furniture placed in front of windows.
  7. Don’t go overboard with lots of pieces of furniture – even if the room is small it is best to have fewer larger pieces of furniture than lots of small pieces which can make a room look cluttered.

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