Modern Bedroom furniture

Designing your own bedroom with modern bedroom furniture doesn’t mean that you have to deck it all out in IKEA furniture. There are plenty of styles and plenty of pieces of modern bedroom furniture that you can pick up from almost anywhere that will make your bedroom look stylish and make it into the retreat you want it to be.

In fact, designing your own bedroom is where you get the chance to really have some fun. The bedroom will mostly only be seen by you and you don’t have to accommodate for other people (unless the other half wants to have a big say in what you do!) so you can really go to town with your bedroom design.

Picking Out Modern Bedroom Furniture

We would suggest picking a theme for your bedroom decor and really stick with it – so any bedroom furniture, any colour schemes and any soft furnishings you choose should stick to that theme – but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring and samey. A modern eclectic bedroom theme could be pieces of furniture from all over the place – but it’s all or nothing – go with a little bit of eclectic furniture and it ends up looking just that little bit mismatched but really go for it with this theme and you get a beautifully decorated stylish modern bedroom.

modern bedroom furniture

Go neutral and soft with greys and light pastel colours and soft textured furnishings, or go cozy and bold with a pattern on pattern approach. If you opt for a pattern on pattern style then really go for it – but choose one colour tone that will run consistently throughout – don’t be afraid to mis that up with bolder colours and neutral backgrounds.

modern bedroom furniture warehouse

If you are facing decorating a very small bedroom then don’t let size hold you back – for a feeling of extra space in your bedroom then go for neutral colours but keep the textures varied to keep it cosy and avoid it feeling stark, flat and bare. Light woods and whites always work well in a small bedroom.

If you have a bigger space to play around with then make the most of it – fill it with natural light and don’t clutter the room with too much furniture. The more clutter you fill it with the less calming you will make it – and after all, this is supposed to be your little haven of escape.